Hartal Alternative: ‘Nothing Practicable has Come to Fore, Yet,’ says Geelani



Terming the killing of two innocent students by the forces in Kakpora Pulwama as most painful and heart breaking incident, Chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani Monday said that the situations in the state are becoming intolerable day by day and the value of human lives in this region have been “reduced to ashes”.

“Calling or observing one day shutdown after each innocent killing although does not meet the demands of the situation but there is no other option left by the government and after every bloodshed, the government imposes curfew and come up with thousands of heavily armed undisciplined and inhuman forces on the roads to block the people’s protest,” Geelani said in a statement issued this evening.

Geelani said, “many voices were heard about finding alternatives to strike calls but so far no concrete or practicable idea has come to fore from any quarter.”

“The discussion in newspapers and on social media regarding the freedom struggle of Kashmir is healthy sign and it indicates that our younger generation is showing keen interest in their national issues,” the Hurriyat patriarch said, “but where the worst kind of martial law is in force and the political struggle had been practically banned, how is it possible for anybody at such a place to perform his best and according to the expectations.”

Geelani added, “we are facing a worst kind of imperialist power who knows very little about the human and moral values. This country is although claiming to be the largest democracy in the world but its policies with regarding to the Kashmir issue does not match to its democratic claims. They act here with such a blind and wild force that the human lives are like worms and insect in front of that.”

“A responsible leadership has to take every aspect and outcome in mind while taking any decision in this kind of situation. We consider this struggle as worship like Namaz (prayers) and Fasting and the decisions are taken after thorough discussion and deliberations. However, whenever any solid and practicable alternative will come to fore from any quarter with regarding to the course of action, we will welcome that,” he further said. “I personally feel deep pain in heart for killing of two innocent students in Pulwama and I wonder that for how long will our nation bear this worst kind of atrocities and autocracy from India. But in this situation we have to be firm and strong over our stand which is also an only option for us and our resolve is that we will never give up our rights and till India is forcibly occupying our land, we will continue our struggle in any way.”

“The silence of the world community over the innocent killings in Kashmir at the hands of Indian occupational forces is not only a criminal silence but it is also a biased approach. World powers are following double standards and they ignore Kashmir issue because of the Muslim factor,” he further added.

Strongly condemning the imposition of curfew after the killing of two innocent students in Pulwama, imprisoning number of people including senior pro-freedom leaders Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai, Shabir Ahmad Shah, Ayaz Akbar and Mohammad Ashraf Laya in different jails and their homes, Geelani said, “it is the worst kind of state terrorism. On the one hand our children are mercilessly being killed in cold blood and on the other hand we are denied to mourn the death of our loved ones. Although the pro-Indian politicians on these occasions also condemn these incidents but they are equally responsible for this bloodshed. They provide a justification for the forced occupation of India in Kashmir and their all activities and actions are for their chairs and positions.”

Demanding impartial investigation into the Pulwama innocent killings by some independent agency and death punishment to the killers, Geelani questioned the biased Indian media that don’t they see the innocent killings in Kashmir? “Why their cameras get blind at that time and why don’t they setup any debate on their TV channels over this issue.”


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