‘Have full faith in Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’

KL Report


Accusing state police of acting as mouth piece of Indian Army, the father of slain youth from Tral town Wednesday said that he has full faith in Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed that he will deliver justice to him and will order an impartial probe into the killing of his son Khalid.

Pertinently, Khalid Muzaffar Wani was killed on Monday afternoon in Kamla forests of the district when forces, according to police, opened fire on militants hiding there.

“I would have no regret if my another son Burhan would have been killed. He is a militant and he is fighting for his homeland and to attain martyrdom is his objective. But I have been regretting the death of Khalid because he was innocent,” Muzzafar Ahmed Wani, a Government Higher Secondary Principal told CNS.

He said it was shocking for him and his family members that police dubbed Khalid as OGW without any inquiry and proof. “Police is shielding Army and trying to act as their spokesmen. If Khalid was OGW then why police or Army did not apprehend him anytime or registered a case against him. My son had no terror links. The ‘lie’ spread by police is to shield the men involved in the killing of Khalid,” he said.

Muzzafar Ahmed said that he is pinning all hopes on the Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed.

“I have full faith in Mufti and I am sure he will take the guilty army personnel to task and also initiate action against those who dub my son as OGW without any proof,” he said and appealed Chief Minister to prove the notion about the fate of inquiry committees wrong and punish the guilty this time.

Muzaffar Ahmed alleged that his son Burhan was forced to pick up the gun as he was beaten up by SOG personnel without any provocation in 2010 in Tral.


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