Hizb If Wishes Could Disrupt Yatra In A Jiffy: UJC Supremo

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Admitting that disorganization and disorder in Hurriyat Conference is proving disastrous for the ongoing movement in Kashmir, Chairman United Jehad Council, Syed Salahuddin Saturday said that separatist leaders failed to capitalize on Afzal Guroo issue.

“Even they (Hurriyat leaders) missed the opportunity in recent Markundal killings. It is absurd that they lack strategy. Conferences, seminars, strikes and statements are not going to deliver goods. It is unity among Hurriyat ranks that would take people out of dilemma,” he told Kashmir based news gathering agency CNS adding that different stands adopted by different Hurriyat leaders are not going Kashmiri people anywhere.

Syed Salahuddin said it is absurd that different Hurriyat leaders gave different programmes for the same cause. “I know they give calls in good faith but it shows how divided these separatist leaders are. Some of our friends give ‘Chalo call’, another one comes on roads with candles and similarly other ones organize seminars. We cannot attain our objective when we are divided. Time has come that these Hurriyat leaders come on same platform and without wasting the time of people join hands,” he said adding that UJC is an umbrella of different organization and the unity was possible only when all the organizations that formed UJC did not care for their petty interests.

He said UJC utilized all the resources to bring all the Hurriyat leaders under one platform. “It is in the interest of people if these leaders would show a united face. UJC used different channels for this purpose but nothing positive came out,” he said.

Chairman United Jehad Council, Syed Salahuddin claimed that Hizbul Mujhadeen could disrupt Amarnath Yatra in a jiffy. “It is an easy task for our Mujhadeen to strike at Yatra in presence of thousands of troopers. But, we do not believe in terrorism. We know Intelligence agencies are desperate to see Yatris getting attacked by us as it would give them justification for human rights violations and killings of innocent Kashmiri’s,” he said adding that in the garb of Amarnath Yatra New Delhi is strengthening its base in Kashmir.

He said there was never a threat to Amarnath Yatra. “Government of India played this card to mislead Its people. There are people like Gautam Navlakha, Arun Datti Roy, Ram Jeth Malani who fully understand the plots and ploy of New Delhi,” Salahudin said adding that India is terrorizing the people of Kashmir by Amarnath Yatra.

While replying to a question, Syed Salahuddin said that Taliban may or may not enter India after NATO withdraws from Afghanistan. “The people of Afghanistan are warriors and they believe in revenge. Who knows they may enter India avenging the killing of people in Kashmir,” he said adding that India supported NATO forces in the killing of innocent Afghan people.

“Pakistan’s continuous efforts for friendship with India are not less than putting salt on the wounds of Kashmiri people. Pakistan is undermining the love of the people of Kashmir,” he remarked.

Salahuddin told CNS that Kashmiris consider Pakistan as their lawful representative to raise the issue of Kashmir on all national and international forums.”Pakistan’s government must reassure that it will not compromise over the cause of Kashmir,” he demanded adding that Kashmiri people have been struggling for their cause of self-determination for the last 65 years and this struggle will not go in waste.

He rubbished the claims of Indian intelligence agencies that Lashkar Toiba is behind every attack in Kashmir. “Tell us who is in the possession of the weapons snatched by our Mujhadeen from Indian Army troopers. Hizb in Kashmir carried every recent attack. India blames LeT for such attacks to defame Pakistan and to make International community believe that the ongoing movement in Kashmir is not indigenous.


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