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Senior Leader of Hurriyat Conference (M) leader Professor Abdul Gani Bhat Sunday stated that on numerological grounds, the next year would be vital for the resolution of the Kashmir issue.

According to the KNS correspondent, Professor Bhat while speaking in the Seminar organized by Hurriyat (M) at party headquarters said that Kashmir this year will witness the serious progress in its resolutions and that the numerology suggests the same. “We have been under oppression from the last 67 years and if we add the digits 6 and 7 the result is 13 and 13 is not a good number for the oppressors and occupiers.” Prof Bhat further predicted that the year 2014 will be prosperous for the people of Kashmir.

During the seminar on human rights violations in Kashmir, Prof Bhat said that the people of the state have witnessed the worst kind of treatment and that the gross human rights violations being inflicted here should be condemned at every level.

“We want to tell India that more you beat us and kill us, the more brave we will become against you and Huriyat is not just the party but the symbol of unity and steadfastness,” said Bhat while welcoming Peoples’ Political Party (PPP) chairman Hilal Ahmad War in Huriyat (M).

Bhat further stated that the leadership of Huriyat has chosen Mirwaiz as its chairman and leader and that the amalgam has always believed in sacrifices and achievement of goal. “We are all equal in Huriyat and we all are sincerely working for the Kashmir resolution.”


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