SRINAGAR: Specifically celebrated in north India, Jammu and Kashmir Bank Wednesday celebrated Lohri, the festival dedicated to the gods of sun and fire at its corporate headquarters in Srinagar.

Preparations underway for liting the Lohri fire in JK Bank premises on January 12, 2021. The festival of the plains that marks the end of winter was celebrated for the firs time in history in Srinagar at a time when the night temperature has created a record of sorts.

Led by Chairman and Managing Director, R K Chibber, top executives of the bank, particularly from the Jammu region participated in the function. The bonfire was lit in the lawn and the executives took turns around it as part of the practice.

As told by the insiders, the customary eatables like peanuts, popcorn and other snacks were also present as a part of the celebration. The festival marks the end of winter season and is traditionally believed to welcome the sun to the northern hemisphere. It is festival of the plains unlike Kashmir where the night temprature was nimunes 7.8 degress celsius.

The Celebrations

Originally, Lohri’s dates back to the Indus valley civilisation. As it heralds the onset of spring, customarily it is celebrated before the night just before the winter Solstice. This festival also marks the harvesting time of rabi crops, that is, the crops of the winter season. Also known as Makar, it is essentially termed as the festival of the farmers. There are various customs and traditions associated with the festival of Lohri. Two-three days before, children and the girls of the house go from door to door asking for Lohri items such as sweets, sugar, sesame seeds, jaggery and cow dung cakes.

A traditional dance called the Chajja marks the celebration on the occasion of Lohri and in the evening the much awaited bonfire is lit in houses and harvest fields. People gather around the fire accompanied with traditional dancing and songs. Unlike in Kashmir, the whole of Jammu region wears a festive look on this day. Thousands take a dip in the holy rivers.


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