Increasing Awareness Behind Cancer Rise in Kashmir, Experts say on World Cancer Day

Ubeer Naqushbandi


Increase in awareness in cancer has given rise in cancer cases in Kashmir, experts say on World Cancer Day.

The cancer cases according to sources in SKIMS, were 3900 in 2014, which went up to 4200 in 2015. “There is nothing to worry about this upward trend,” oncologist Abdul Rashid Lone at SKIMS told Kashmir Life. “It is only because of awareness in masses about the disease.”

There are four main types of cancer in Kashmir according to experts, including oesophageal, stomach, lung and breast cancer.

“However, there are no exact reasons for the cause of these cancers but food habits like drinking hot tea, spicy food cause irritation in stomach can lead to malignancy. Smoking has also been frequent mostly among young teens which not only affects their lungs but also affects the ‘passive smokers’,” said Dr Lone.

He also said that increasing sedentary lifestyle, late marriages, late pregnancies, fatty food and hormone replacing therapy after menopause are the causes responsible for breast cancers in women of Kashmir.

“The ways to be safe from cancers is regular exercise, eating fresh fruits, vegetables and drinking sufficient water,” said Dr Lone.


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