Irfan’s Family Refuses Compensation, Says ‘Manzoor Used Army To Kill Our Innocent Son

KL Report


Refusing to accept compensation and Government job, the family members of slain youth Irfan Ahmed Ganaie of Markundal Wednesday alleged that Army informer Manzoor Shiekh is misleading media by his false statements while the fact is that it was Manzoor and an Army jawan who continuously fired upon Irfan and killed him in cold blood.

While narrating their woeful tale, the cousin of Irfan, Nazir Ahmed Ganie told CNS that he along with his cousin and Irfan were sleeping in the same room.

“At around 12 that night few vehicles appeared in the village. People took the people in vehicles as burglars and shouted at them. The vehicles left the village and at around 3, they appeared again and we all were scared when we heard some scary noises outside,” Nazir said adding that as the Irfan went outside, flood lights were lit by Army and we clearly saw Manzoor Ahmed Sheikh carrying a weapon in his hand.

He said that as Irfan came under lights we saw Manzoor Shiekh and another Army Jawan fired upon Irfan and killed him instantly, “He is misleading media that he was in the vehicle. We are the eyewitness of Irfan’s killing and it was Manzoor who shot at Irfan first,” he said adding that police must interrogate him (Manzoor) as he is the real culprit who killed Irfan with the help of Army.

He claimed that apart from Manzoor Shikeh, we saw another civilian Mohammad Saleem from Sadarkot Bala who was also accompanying Army on that fateful night.

The mother of Irfan, Haneefa Banoo told CNS that the family would not accept any compensation or job from the Government. “The reality is that Manzoor mislead Army and I hold both Army and Manzoor guilty for killing my innocent son,” she said adding Army personnel acted like as a Vandals and beat us ruthlessly when we tried to take control of the dead body of Irfan.

Haneefa Bano said that Manzoor killed her son to take revenge from them. “Manzoor wanted to get her sister married to one of our relatives. We declined the proposal just because Army men frequently used to visit their home day in and day out. A few days back there was exchange of heated argument between the two families and my son had rebuked the brother of Manzoor who in turn had threatened him of dire consequences,” she said adding that Manzoor used Army to kill his innocent son.


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