J&K Government Permits Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir On Sep 7

KL Report


Relenting under pressure, authorities finally permitted the civil society to have their parallel concert Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir. They have been asked to have their show for two hours starting 4.30 PM.

photo (2)“Yes, after all these days, the district administration has granted us permission to have the concert,” Shakeel Qalander, one of the prominent citizens who supported the concert said. “We had planned it at 12 noon but the government wants us to have it in the latter afternoon. We will abide by the timing.”

Another members from the organizers told the KL that all the participants must ensure they have drinking water with them. “We will make our efforts to get water but participants should take care of this basic need themselves.”

The permission has been conveyed to the civil society officials around 7:45 pm. Pre-conditions set by the district administration want the organizers to keep the concert peaceful in the Srinagar Municipal Park.

Spokesman for the concert Khurram Parvez said that they have been conveyed the permission late in the evening and there are 12 conditions. “Certain conditions are funny like that we should not violate section 144,” he said. “We had planned it for noon so that people invited to the Zubin Mehta show would also be able to participate but we have been given a different time slot.” He said the civil society will ensure the show will stay peaceful. But, he said, we will have to pitch tents and make certain preparations prior to the start.

Organizers during the day had said the government was dily-dalying the response and it seems as if they will not permit the show. They had called the media at a short notice to convey that the letter of the district administration had not reached them. This had led them to contact the district administration and inform them verbally about the details of the show.


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