Start moving towards Haqeeqat Venue By 12:00 PM: Civil Society

Riyaz Ul Khaliq


The organizers of the Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir event have appealed people to start moving towards Municipal Park by 12 O’clock, though, they claim that restrictions put by government may hinder peoples’ (2)

Khurram Pervez, coordinator of Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir told Kashmir Life that the preparations for the programme will start round about 10:00 am. “We will be setting stage and hosting banners by 10:00am,” he said, adding, “We appeal people to start assembling at the venue by 12:00pm.”

Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir (Reality of Kashmir) is a parallel event in protest to Zubin Mehta’s controversial concert who would be conducting Bavarian State Orchestra to a selected 1500 gallery including 800 outside J&K guests at Srinagar’s Shalimar Garden.

Commenting on the government’s permission of holding the event between 4:30 and 6:30 in the evening, Khurram said that “these are the tactics of the government to stop international media to cover Haqeeqat event when Zubin Mehta’s concert would be simultaneously in progress.

“Government doesn’t want International media to attend our event and that is why, they chose this timing,” he said.

Pertinently, Zubin Mehta who landed here on Friday, said: “I didn’t choose Kashmir, Kashmir chose me.”


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