JK Is Neither An Internal Issue Nor The Crown Of India: Geelani

KL Report


Terming the statement of Foreign Affairs Minister biased and unrealistic Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani today said Kashmir is neither an internal issue nor the crown of India. He said such statement tantamount to denial of historical facts with respect to Kashmir issue and its disputed nature.

As per a statement Geelani said, “International community and both India and Pakistan have acknowledged the disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir but India with its military might has occupied the state and has no moral or constitutional right or justification for its occupation.”

“Would it have been the internal issue of India then why six lakh people were killed and more than ten thousand subjected to enforced disappearance?,”  he asked.

While commenting over the apology sought by Union Minister, Geelani has said if they really feel ashamed then they should initiate prosecution against those force personals responsible for the shameful act. “All such cases should be investigated by some impartial institution.”

Geelani has said, “The apology is nothing but mere eyewash and an attempt to mislead the world opinion. Such statements can neither heal wounds nor compensate their honor.”

Lashing out at Foreign Affairs Minister, the Hurriyat Chairman said his remarks about Pakistan are irrelevant and meaningless. “Pakistan is equally a party to the issue as India is. India has seized a part of Kashmir and Pakistan controls the rest,” he said, adding that whenever the negotiation for its resolution is initiated, the role of Pakistan cannot be ignored.

Geelani said India cannot deny the fact that Pakistan has more right to talk on Kashmir because of its stand with respect to Kashmir issue. “They support the right of self-determination of people of Jammu and Kashmir and are ready to resolve this issue through referendum.”


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