Issued June 27, 1931

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Issued by order of His Highness the Maharaja Bahadur dated Srinagar, the 27th June, 1932, 14th March, 1939, published in the Government Gazette dated 24th March, 1989.

No. 13-L/1989 — Whereas it is necessary to determine the status of J&K State subjects in foreign State as to the position of their nationals in the State, it is hereby commanded and notified for the public information as follows:

1. That all emigrants from J&K State to foreign territories shall be considered State subjects and also the descendants of these emigrants born abroad for two generations:

Provided that, these nationals of Jammu and Kashmir State shall not be entitled to claim the internal rights granted to subjects of this State by laws, unless they fulfill the conditions laid down by those laws and rules for the specific purposes mentioned therein.

2. The foreign nationals residing in the State of Jammu and Kashmir shall not acquire the nationality of Jammu and Kashmir State until after the age of 18 on purchasing immovable property under permission of an ‘ijazatnama’ after ten years’ continuous residence in J&K State as laid down in Notification No. 1-L of 1984 dated 20th April, 1927.

3. Certificates of nationality of J&K State may, on application, be granted by Minister-in-charge of the Political Department in accordance with the provisions of Section 1 of this notification.”


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