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Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association (JKHCBA) Wednesday condemned the ‘forcible eviction’ of more than a hundred Muslim families of Nomadas and burning down of their Kulhas and also raising of certain permanent structures to ground at Gole Gujral area of Jammu.

The Bar termed the action of Jammu Development Authority, Police and CRPF authorities as barbaric and said that no action was taken against the non-Muslim families residing on the same piece.

“How can authorities indulge in such cruel and inhuman act when it had not even formulated a plan for the rehabilitation of these people, who were rendered homeless,” the Bar said.

In a statement, the Bar Association said that it feels  the method and manner employed by the authorities clearly shows that they have acted on a well thought out plan to ‘throw out’ the Muslim families from Jammu, so as to allot the said land to certain powerful Land Mafia and even allow those, who belong to other communities and have come from other states and have occupied thousands of acres of State land, on the basis of fictitious and fraudulent state subject certificates.


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