Karanagar Trading Federation Protest Government ‘Indifference’



The business establishments in Karanagar area of Srinagar Wednesday observed a complete shutdown against the sealing of commercial complexes in the area.photo (3)

The traders were demanding government action in the matter. Earlier this week, the traders under Kashmir Economic Alliance also held a protest demonstration asking government to take steps to ‘save the families of the businessmen’.

Pertinently, following a recent High Court order, Srinagar Municipal Corporation sealed many commercial complexes around the city. The High court in its order said that the complexes have come up in violation of the Srinagar Master Plan.

But the traders held SMC responsible for the constructions that have come up in the area. “Ironically the same government agency is closing down the complexes that once allowed them to come up,” said a trader.

“The complexes were not built over night but in limelight of SMC authority,” Ajaz Ahmad Shahdhar, President, Traders Association Karanagar said.

The closure of the complexes have affected hundreds of youth. The traders were worried of their bank loans.

photo (1)“We have invested huge in our businesses and many of us have bank loans at their backs,” Shahdharsaid, adding, “How can we now pay it back when our work is being snatched from us.”

The traders demanded that government should come up with a policy decision over the matter.

“We appeal Chief Minister to intervene into the matter,” the traders demanded.

The Srinagar Municipal Corporation has served notices to many other owners of the complexes who have been asked to show permission documents of the buildings.

Significantly, over 2500 illegal structures in and around the Srinagar city falling in the jurisdiction of SMC and SDA have been identified by an official panel on Master Plan violations constituted by the state government in 2010.


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