Coronavirus: Kashmiri students in Jaisalmer quarantine want to go home


Kashmiri medical students who arrived from Iran in India on March 15, now in the Jaisalmer quarantine facility, say their isolation period is over but there is still no clarity when they can return home to Kashmir to reunite with their families.

One of the students at the army wellness centre in Jaisalmer who did not want to be named told IANS over the phone that they want to return to home.

She said they have already completed their quarantine period and there was no reason for them not to be released.

She said there was no segregation of low risk, moderate risk and high risk patients at the facility.

“We want to go to our homes we are here for more than 20 days now and we will be here for another 10 days, which is totally unfair, we know the precautions, but staying here for more than 30 days is not good,” she said. “We don’t know whether we have been held up because our quarantine period has been extended or this has something to do with the lockdown.”

After the outbreak of coronavirus Iran became one of the worst-hit countries with more than 3,000 deaths.

The government has evacuated nearly 300 students after March 14 from Iran who have been put in the army wellness centre in Jaisalmer and are under medical supervision.

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Kashmiri students were brought back from Iran after Foreign Minister S Jaishankar met with their parents in Srinagar last month. There are over 170 Kashmiris in Jaisalmer of which more than 100 are students in Iran.

The parents back home in Kashmir are desperate to meet them. “We are worried about our children who are in quarantine for the last 50 days, they have completed 25-day quarantine in Iran and 25 days in India, this is being very harsh on them,” one parent said in Srinagar. (IANS)


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