#Kathua: Asifa’s case should not be seen as a case in isolation: Karra


Former Member of Parliament Tariq Hameed Karra referring to horrendous crime on Asifa has cautioned the people of Jammu and Kashmir that Asifa’s case should not be seen as a case in isolation.

The spokesman said lynching of nomads, burning of trucker’s and warning the Gujjar’s by narrating genocide of 1947, is a testimony to the larger nefarious design which is being systematically backed by all sorts of radicals and right-wing forces. The blunder PDP did by facilitating RSS backed BJPs elevation to power is beyond repair.

Previously socially untouchable communal fringe elements are now brazenly taking out rallies supporting raping, killing and evacuation of Muslims. On the occurrence of this recent incident, one of the Minister’s of this coalition Government from PDP said that both PDP and BJP are Partners in crime. Though it was a pre-emptive in-house arrangement to douse the ever growing discontent and anger within the Party, the Minister conveniently chose not to elaborate that this partnership in crime had started from the very day they got into this unethical, unacceptable alliance.

Both PDP and BJP try to play smart by way of fixing the match by rhetorics and pre-emptive measures like withdrawing the Ministers from Cabinet simply to save this Government and remain glue to the Power.

Expressing anguish about the civilian killing in recent encounters Karra said, “These were the repercussions which I warned about when I resigned from PDP in September 2016. Unfortunately, myopic lust for chair blinded PDP and it ignored these ugly consequences which are now being paid by the people of Jammu and Kashmir in blood and flesh. The unabated killing of civilians is a daily affair now. Healing touch has been replaced by killing touch. People of the state are going through one of the worst political crisis in last 25 years.  Govt. on the other hand is unmoved, unnerved and unperturbed”.


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