KUTA condemns civilian killings in Kashmir, rape and murder of Asifa


Kashmir University Teachers Association (KUTA) on Thursday has strongly condemned the killing of civilians in Kashmir valley, adding that the killings have evoked a lot of fear and anger among the common people in general and student community in particular.

The spokesman said that everyday youngsters are being shot and killed besides being fired upon by pellet guns leading to loss of precious lives and serious impairment of vision. While such ruthless and aggressive stance is not adopted anywhere in India during protest demonstrations, government forces are having a free run here in Kashmir under the garb of AFSPA that has imparted a clout of impunity to them.

The spokesman added that KUTA has called for an immediate end to civilian killings and use of pellet guns, adding that the onus of responsibility lies upon the state government to protect its people whom it claims to represent considering the fact that protest demonstrations are an expression and outcome of apathy and indifference shown by the state and central government towards timely and just resolution of the Kashmir issue in accordance with wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

Spokesman of Kashmir University Teachers Association has also condemned in strongest possible terms the horrific rape and murder of Asifa in Hiranagar, Jammu and has termed the agitational behaviour of BJP workers, lawyers of Hiranagar Court and other co-conspirators of the crime as shameful and pathetic. The way they are trying to protect the perpetrators of this heinous crime shows the level of moral degradation and hatred against Muslims that has perpetrated deep into their social fabric and is aimed at stoking communal violence against hapless Muslims of Jammu region. KUTA has demanded stern and time-bound action as warranted under the law against those involved in the crime.


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