Malik Protests ‘Police way of Frisking’

KL Report


As the police was busy in frisking the vehicles at Dalgate on Wednesday ahead of August 15, Chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik along with his family passed through the check point and the situation turned ugly.

According to the reports received by KNS, Malik at 5.15 P.M on Wednesday passed through Dalgate area wherein the cops were busy in frisking the vehicles including the bikes. Malik along with his family was in a car when he was stopped at the check point.

The JKLF chief later questioned the way in which checking was done in the area- stating that it is more humiliation to the people than the normal checking. The cops said they were doing their duty and the JKLF chief entered into the verbal dual that caught eye of other people. Witnessing Malik arguing with the police over the way of frisking, locals including the shopkeepers thronged the place- creating chaos for nearly an hour at the busy city hub.

Witnesses stated that Malik along with other people protested against the police action- stating that the people are being more ‘humiliated’ than merely checked.

Later when contacted, Malik said that people are being humiliated every now and then on the name of checking ad that it is tough time for the family men to move out of their  houses.


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