Malik warns clerics from preaching ‘hatred’


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik on Thursday asked the heads of religious institutions and clerics to refrain from “preaching and propagating hatred in mosques and on social media.”

As per an official statement, Malik has said, “Oppressed nation of Kashmir cannot tolerate hatred on the basis of creed. Refrain from spreading this hatred or otherwise we will ask nation to boycott you.”

Malik termed this new phenomenon of hate mongering in the name of religion and creed by a section of so-called Ulema and preachers as most unfortunate.

He said that a nation that on daily basis is “losing its young and old while resisting military occupation and oppression, cannot tolerate hatred and division in the name of religion and creed and anyone who is doing this is actually playing in the hands of oppressors and enemies of Islam and Muslims.”

He said that our great scholars and predecessors have laid down a great principle which teaches to hold fast to one’s Maslak (creed) and refrain from “teasing” others. “We all need to adhere to this principle and stop hate mongering in our Masajid, Dar Ul Uloom, social media and at other places.”

“Our Allah is one, our prophet (SAW) is one, our Deen is one, and our Qibla is one. This oneness in all important aspects of life and religion clearly shows that we are also one and despite differences in interpretations should remain one,” said Malik.

He said that some preachers are seen delivering hate-speeches against their rivals and other maslaks. “These people are actually crossing all the limits of decency and are seen showering abuses on each other in Masajid and seminaries and especially on social media networks. This actually amounts to setting whole Ummah on fire and no true Muslim can tolerate this non-sense,” said Malik.

“Has Islam or prophet of Islam (SAW) ever told us to propagate hate? Have our Ahli Bait (RaH), Sahaba (RaH), Imams or great predecessors taught or ordered us to publicize abhorrence that too against each other. This is pure non-sense and a nation that is losing its kith and kin on daily basis, a nation whose very existence is at stake and that is striving for a sacred cause, cannot endure this non-sense anymore?”

‘We respect all religions, creeds, Ulema, spiritual personalities, places of worship and religious seminaries but our tiny and weak nation cannot tolerate abhorrence and hatred that is being propagated by a section of people in the name of religion and creed.”

He has asked all the religious bodies and organizations including Ahli Sunnat Wal Jamat, Ahli Hadith, Barelvis, Deobandis, Shia, Jamati Islami, Tableeghis and others to immediately stop their people indulging in hate campaign and play their active role in stopping this hate campaign.

“It is our moral and religious duty to safeguard our unity and brotherhood as ordered by Allah and his last messenger (SAW) and we will not let a bunch of fools to pollute and disintegrate our pluralistic society,” he said.

He issued a stern warning to Molvis and preachers indulging in this “ugly affair”, asking them to refrain from their “criminal acts immediately”.

“This nation respects you, but if you don’t change your approach, you will have to face the wrath of same nation. We will be compelled to ask people to boycott you all,” he said.

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