MHA Scrapping 50:50 IPS, KPS Proportion In JKP, BJP Pushing J&K At Par With Other States



Local people washing the blood off the road after three youngsters and a policeman were killed in the shootout at Qammerwari Srinagar.
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A development read as a step towards J&K’s complete integration with mainland India, PM Narendra Modi-led NDA government is redefining the proportion of the J&K police at the officers’ level. IPS, a union service, is expected to man seventy percent of the positions in the state police from the existing fifty percent.

The move has apparently set the Kashmir Police Service (KPS) camp in tizzy — as the move will curtail their IPS promotional chances by around 20%. But more than a promotion issue, the step is read as the highly calculated step to alter J&K’s special status.

J&K’s IPS strength is 147 — fifty percent of which is filled by direct quota while the remaining are filled through induction (promotions).

“The 50-50 basis of IPS induction quota is only meant for J&K, while in the rest of the Indian states, 70% induction comes through open merit, while 30% from state quota,” said a senior KPS officer, in knowhow of the development.

But now, with Modi-led NDA government, not so supportive of J&K’s special status, ruling Delhi, the equation is seemingly changing. The latest is, the union government hasn’t responded positively to the routine request by state government to extend the system. Every five years, union government has historically extended the status quo about 50:50 ratio in the state police services. But the officials in JK’s home department said they are yet to get a reply of their extension request sent to union government on January 1, 2014.

“The document of approval is necessary to maintain the status quo,” said the officer. “Behind the delay, which actually can be read as denial, is NDA government’s move to change the special system that was in vogue for decades.” If the new quota order will be implemented, it means, the number of direct recruit from KPS camp into IPS cadre will be reduced by twenty percent.

“It is the step towards J&K’s integration with India,” said a disgruntled KPS officer. “Not only is this an indirect attempt to alter J&K’s special status, but also undermining the state police force.”

The development, interestingly, has come close to heels of the recent controversy in state police force leaving the KPS camp simmering when a shoddy promotion of a junior rank police officer was detected. State police force is already tense over IPS getting better assignments at the top level manned by the central service.

Interestingly, PDP, the region party that has an alliance with the ruling BJP at the centre is committed to reducing the number of union services officers in the state administration.

Now if the KPS role in the state policing reduces, other state services may have this precedence to undergo the same neutralizing changes.

The officer said that J&K’s 50:50 ratio is enshrined by Article 370 giving special status to the state.


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