‘Ministers Inaccessible to Visitors at Civil Secretariat’



Visitors mostly people from far flung areas Wednesday accused the incumbent PDP-BJP ministers of being inaccessible to them at civil secretariat Srinagar.

Scores of people who visit Civil Secretariat to seek redressal to their problems can be seen waiting outside the chambers of different ministers in civil secretariat.

According to CNS, scores of people at different locations were waiting anxiously outside the offices of almost every minister.

“The peon is not allowing us to enter into the office asking us that minister is busy in a meeting,” said a septuagenarian Ghulam Muhammad Bhat from Kupwara district.

Most of the visitors alleged that ministers deny meeting them on the pretext that they are busy in meetings.

“Meeting culture must stop. It is a potent tool in the hands of a minister to avoid visitors. We had hoped that PDP led government will not treat people like cattle and will treat them with dignity, but we were wrong,” a woman visitor waiting outside the office of a Minister of State said.

People alleged that most of the time they are being informed that ministers are not present in the civil secretariat.

“When we arrive with a hope that we will meet the minister, we are told that he is busy in a meeting and when there is no meeting we are informed minister in not available in the office,” said a widow who had arrived in the secretariat to meet a minister with regard to her personal issue.

A group of people comprising of young and elderly persons who were asked by the personal assistant of a Minister to visit some other time said that their constituency does not reflect any major improvement in its road, health care, electricity or education.

“We had come here to highlight the problems that we have been facing but the Minister neither visits the constituency nor allow us a meeting here,” they said and added that nobody from power corridors even bother to pick up the phone from the people who voted them to power.

A retired teacher said that from last two months their Kanipora Bagat area has been reeling under darkness. “We have no transformer and for this purpose we had arrived here, but the Minister did not bother to meet us as he was busy in an ‘important’ meeting,” said a retired teacher.

Pertinently, Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed days after assuming the charge had instructed all the minister not to kill time in meetings, but what this reporter witnessed in Civil Secretariat on Wednesday made this belief more robust that a ‘voter loses shine, the very moment he or she casts his or her vote in favour of any politician.


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