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National Conference (NC) Tuesday claimed that the formation of third Hurriyat is the creation of agencies and the attempts are being made to weaken the on-going movement in Kashmir.

“Ram Jet Malani divided Geelani and Mirwaiz and now we have the agencies in our country that are hell-bent  in dividing the separatists further so that the on-going movement could be weakened at large,” Dr Mustafa Kamal, additional general secretary NC told KNS.

He stated further that the role of the Indian agencies are from the beginning was to use and throw the leaders here. They create leaders, use them and then throw them at the end. “The agencies of India have the greater role in using the leaders at one point and then making them irrelevant at the other so that new leader could be created.”

Dr. Kamal maintained further that the Huriyat Leadership here must unite for the common cause and should present one picture before the world. He remarked further that the world community including OIC accepts the representative character of Huriyat and it must in unison perceive the common cause.

“There are elements from both the sides that strive to weaken the Kashmir issue for their vested interests and the leadership must not fall in their trap. Instead of fighting against each other, they must fight together for a cause.”

Kamal further told KNS that it is unfortunate that the Huriyat Leadership is getting divided on ground and the same has created chaos among the people. “They should not confuse people and the need of the hour for the leadership is to show unity.”


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