New administrative units guided by narrow electoral interests: Tarigami

KL Report


Yousuf Tarigami, Convener, Awami Mutahida Mahaz (AMM) has termed the creation of new administrative units as an exercise “more for electoral gains than for streamlining the administration.”

In a statement issued on Tuesday, two days after the cabinet decision, Tarigami said, “While the need for an administrative decentralization in the state is acknowledged, it seems that the recent decision of the cabinet regarding creation of new administrative units in the state has been taken more for electoral gains than for streamlining the administration and harmonious development.”

He said that the decision is not only devoid of a scientific assessment with no consideration for a social and economic viability, but it has grossly neglected some places with vast population and revenue jurisdiction and on the other hand some areas with measurable population and the catchments’ area have been granted surplus administrative units.

“The decision has created dis-satisfaction and acrimony among the population in some areas where people feel that their areas have been ignored,” Tarigami said.

He added “We should understand the fact that what may be convenient for narrow partisan interests may not necessarily be administratively or financially pragmatic and the same has already started brewing up the substantial unrest across the state.”

Tarigami said that as far as the priority sectors relating with the livelihood requirements of the common people, the government shows its financial inability to meet out the employment requirements for a large army of the unemployed youth.


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