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Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) Sunday noted with great concern the avoidable incident that took place in NIT Srinagar on 31st of March after the conclusion of India-West Indies cricket match.

In a meeting held with Prof Hameedah Nayeem in chair, KCSDS members observed that the society does not expect such happenings in the educational institutions where “students’ primary objective is to pursue education and enlightenment in order to serve the society in a better way in various capacities”.

“Different ideological leanings which are permissible but should not become a cause of skirmishes, divisions, disaffection, which result in mutual bitterness, animosity and hatred. In such situations vested interests are ever ready to add fuel to the fire to create anger and hatred against each other,” the KCSDS members said.

KCSDS appealed all the students to keep their cool in volatile situations and uphold the highest Kashmiri traditions of fellow feeling and hospitality and shower the same on those students who have come from outside the state.

“They should never fall in the trap of retaliatory hatred or hate speech. Further the civil society group appeals all the students from here and outside to concentrate on their studies and not to get provoked to violent reactions against others’ emotional expressions of their preferences,” KCSDS said.


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