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Government of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday revealed that the number of Yatries had increased in the year 2017.

As many as 2,20,490 registered yatries visited the Amarnath Shrine in 2016 and 2,60,003 in 2017 as such the number has increased said Health Minister Bali Baghat in a written reply of a question of MLA Kangan Mian Altaf.

However, the number has declined as compared to 2015, 352,771yatries visited Kashmir, data revealed.

The total number of yatries who attended OPDs under the jurisdiction of Director Health services Kashmir in the year 2015 were 174000, in 2016 were 12400 and in 2017 were 197000.

The number of yatries who were admitted in IPD in Kashmir division in 2015 were 14686, in 2016 were 8651 and in 2017 were 16984.

However the number of yatries injured was increased in 2017.


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