Opposition stages walkout over thrashing of Kashmiri students in Haryana


Opposition National Conference and Congress staged walkout as a protest against the assault of Kashmiri students in Haryana.

NC MLA Pahalgam Altaf Kaloo told the house the during zero hour that he received a text message from students studying in Haryana University who were apprehensive about their safety.

“Speaker sahab, students have a sent a message that the two boys – Geography students at the Central University of Haryana in Mahendragarh, had gone to the market after offering Friday prayers when they were allegedly surrounded and assaulted with sticks, bricks and helmets.”

“After offering prayers when we went to the market some people surrounded us. It seems they were following us. The moment we stopped our bike at Masani chowk, they came from behind and started beating us mercilessly,” he reads.

He reads quoting students that “we are feeling insecure if we were not protected by the government we will return all students.”

When they asked the attackers why they were being thrashed, the students receive the only response they are from J&K.,”They just kept thrashing us with bricks and helmets. There were people around but they didn’t say or do anything to help us,” He reads.

Kaloo urged the state government to take up the matter with concern authorities of other states and ensure the safety of the Kashmiri students.

Earlier speaking in the assembly, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori told the House that earlier a young man of 25 years of age was killed outside the state. He was a student, Saroori said, adding that he had aged parents and two sisters to take care of.

Later entire opposition staged a walkout from the house.


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