Ordinance aimed at scuttling Verma Commission recommendations: KSCDS

KL Desk


Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KSCDS) Chairperson, Prof Hameeda Nayeem Sunday came out strongly against the proposed ordinance by the government  of India “in which it has made some minor changes in the existing laws on the rape”.

“The move is aimed at scuttling the ground –breaking Verma Commission recommendations which strike at the very root of patriarchy that is entrenched   in Indian nation state. It proposes a bill of rights for women in line with the constitutional provisions. By bringing out an ordinance hurriedly  as a  luke warm response  to the huge public  outcry against  the  existing environment of  insecurity and lack of safety , the government has tried to bury  Verma Commission  recommendations  which could bring about genuine changes in  the  environment to ensure the dignity , autonomy  and integrity of women ‘s selfhood   in the family, in the public places  and in the society at large It has strongly recommended   that woman’ bodily integrity and sanctity  cannot be violated under any circumstances”, Hameeda said in a statement issued here.

She said women in conflict areas are entitled to all the rights which are enjoyed by women elsewhere. “Under no circumstances could impunity be given   to the perpetrators of sexual assault.  The committee has recommended the immediate review of AFSPA and an end to impunity to ‘security forces under this inhuman law. It has also recommended that they be tried in ordinary court under public criminal law. By bringing out the Ordinance the government has tried to muzzle the public outrage against sexual assault and in case of conflict zones legitimize rape under AFSPA”, she added.

“But this time around government cannot take people for a ride. There will be fierce opposition from all quarters to compel it to bring about revolutionary changes in how women are treated by the society”, she said.


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