Advocate Zahid Ali


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Insisting that arrests are taking place at a large scale, Jama’at-e-Islami on Sunday said its good number of members have been rounded up. It alleged that all the detained are being driven sent to far off jails and the procedures related to the detentions are being flouted.

“The laws and procedures relating to the arrests and detention are being blatantly violated while arresting the people and after the arrest,” the Jama’at statement said. “A good number of Jamaat leaders and activists have also been detained on false and frivolous grounds just like other detainees and thereby their all fundamental rights including that of life and free movement stand violated vigorously.”

Offering the “glaring example” of its Political Bureau Chief Advocate Zahid Ali, the statement said that since August 31, he is being re-arrested every time the court sets him free. “While being released in one case by the Executive Magistrate, he is shown arrested in another case,” the statement said. “For procuring remand or its extension, the police produced him at about 6 pm at the residence of Naib Tehsildar (Executive Magistrate) instead of at the office of Tehsildar during the office hours upon which the said officer verbally rebuking the producing police official with the direction to reproduce him on October 3, during the office hours at the concerned office where the file of the case is pending and trial is going on.”

“Jamaat Islami while strongly condemning the unjustified mass arrest of the people, demands early release of all the detainees apprehended during the current public movement and all those political detainees who stand detained for years together in different jails,” the statement said, adding that all the allegations leveled against Zahid Ali are false


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