PDP asks Congress to Support Indo-Pak Engagements, Crticises Mani Shanker Aiyer



Peoples Democratic Party Sunday asked Congress to support the fresh engagements of India and Pakistan.

PDP Chief Spokesperson, Dr Mehboob Beg expressed deep disappointment over the stand taken by Congress over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Pakistan. “I am surprised by the reactions coming-in from various Congress politicians; they seem to be anguished about the step taken by the Prime Minister. Is it not true that the Congress has always vouched for good and healthy relations with Pakistan,” asked Dr Beg.

He further added that the Congress has always made attempts, although “half-heartedly”, for a healthy relation with Pakistan and now they seem to be indulging in what is commonly known as ‘Pakistan bashing’.

Dr Beg expressed surprise over the reactions of Congress leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyer claiming that it was surprising to see the Congress and its politicians behave irresponsibly and opposing the moves of the Prime Minister “just for the heck of it”. “There was no harm in holding talks in a third country and away from media glare as that the same showed serious intent and the Congress had even unnecessarily opposed the same as well. Mufti Sahab has rightly pointed-out that good relations between India and Pakistan are essential not only for stability between the two Nations but would also augur immensely well for stability and progress in the whole region,” said Dr Beg added.

He wondered if Congress differed with its earlier view that friendly ties between India and Pakistan were essential for progress in the region as well as for prosperity in Kashmir and asked them as to how progress can be achieved in absence of healthy relations between the two Nations, a PDP statement said this afternoon.


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