People Force Halt Train After Girl Dies

Kashmir train halted as passengers kill time around: Pic Sameer Yasir

Sameer Yasir

KL Report

Hundreds of people forced Kashmir train to stop at Naidgam after a young girl was crushed to death by it. Though the railway officials claim it seems to be suicide but the villagers say it was a plain accident. The train is halted on tracks in Mazhama.

Informed sources told Kashmir Life that the train was on way from Qazigund to Baramulla when at around 9:15 am, a young girl Rukaya was crushed on the tracks. A third year student, the girl was the daughter of Ghulam Qadir Dar of Naidgam.

After killing the girl, the train continued its travel and reached Baramulla. The residents later, stopped the train when it was on way to Qazigund and are not permitted it to proceed further.

The issue of conflict is that railway officials say the girl killed herself by committing suicide. She, they believe, came deliberately on tracks and kept her head on it and the train did not stop. But the locals say the girl had no reason to commit suicide. It was just an accident. The highly charged mob is in control of tracks as the rail has stopped with hundreds of passengers on board. Police is being summoned to manage the issue, reports said.

There has, however, not been any damage to tracks or the rail. People want the railway to announce it as an accident and not a suicide, reports added. Mazhama falls in Budgam district.


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