Police Foil JKLF’s Rally Against ‘Mysterious Killings, VHP Intimidations…’



JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik along with his supporters Tuesday was arrested at Lal Chowk when he was leading a procession against mysterious killings, VHP intimidations and choking of political space in Jammu Kashmir.

After government authorities denied permission to hold the hunger strike at Lala Rukh hotel hall, the JKLF spokesperson said in a statement, JKLF changed its program into a protest demonstration.

“The actual venue of hunger strike was changed from Partap Park due to heavy rains to Lala Rukh hotel hall but authorities denied permission to the peaceful program,” he said.

Led by Malik, JKLF supporters chanted slogans in favour of “freedom, martyrs, resistance, and against mysterious killings, VHP intimidations and blanket ban on peaceful activities marched from Abi Guzar towards Lal chowk (Ghanta ghar)”.

“On reaching near Partap Park, police and forces in large numbers cordoned the rally and tried to stop the march,” the JKLF spokesperson said. “Protesters put up a stiff resistance, but police arrested Yasin sahib along APDP chairperson Parveena Ahangar, father of martyr Tufail Matoo, Muhammad Ashraf Matoo and others.”

Prior to the protest rally, Malik while addressing media said JKLF’s protest is against the spree of mysterious killings in north Kashmir in which many including an innocent 3-year-old kid lost his life.

“Kashmiris want an international impartial probe of these mysterious killings so that the culprits behind these killings are exposed,” Malik demanded.

He said that this protest is also against the cowardly intimidations by RSS and VHP who have threatened Kashmiris of blockade on bovine meat issue.

“Kashmiri Muslims, who have sacrificed more than hundred thousand lives for freedom, cannot be frightened by such mean tactics and we will remain steadfast to our religious belief and freedom struggle,” Malik said.

Condemning the ongoing “suppression” in Jammu & Kashmir, Malik said that “so called” PDP led government at the “behest of RSS” has spread an atmosphere of terror in Jammu Kashmir. “No one is allowed to talk and a blanket ban has been imposed on even condolences,” he said.
“Nocturnal raids, arrests, restrictions, intimidations and other oppressive means have become an order of the day.” He said that today’s protest is also against this blanket ban on peaceful political activities.


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