Police Rescue Two Youth Unfurling A Flag In Lal Chowk



Police on Friday had to make serious efforts in rescuing two youth who were unfurling a flag on the Ganta Ghar in Lal Chowk. While they were making efforts to unfurl a flag, a crowd surrounded them. They were accused of making some uncharitable remarks while talking to the crowd.

Informed sources revealed the identity of one of the two youth as Sachin. A resident of R S Pora, he is a student with IGNOU and is studying political science. His accomplice was making a video of him while Sachin was making efforts to unfurl the flag. It was, however, not immediately known which flag he was carrying.

Police sources said a couple of cops somehow managed to get the two out of the crowd. Initially, they were taken to the bunker near the Paladium Cinema and later driven to a police station. They are expected to be freed and sent home.

The incident took place on a day when JKLF was planning a sit in the main square. To prevent the protest, authorities have already taken Yasin Malik into custody. The entire belt is tense but officials said there are no worries as it is under control.


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