Poll Promises of PDP-BJP Mere Bluffs, Failed to Deliver: Congress



Describing Congress Party as an “instrument of service” to the people and having “always worked for upliftment and well-being” of the people keeping aside their caste, colour, region or religion, JKPCC Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir Wednesday said that Congress Party has always defeated the autocratic behaviour of those who believe in suppressing or oppressing and victimizing the masses or opponents while in power.

Mir was addressing a Congress rally at Bani in Kathua district, today, a Congress statement said this evening.

Mir who is on two days tour of Bani & Billawar area of Kathua district, said, “Congress Party has always been desirous to take everyone on board with regard to equal development of all the three regions of the State and people, has determination to address issues confronting people of the state, as this party (Congress) alone had delivered enough and remained committed to make the State of Jammu and Kashmir a progressive and developed one.”

He said, “Bani is a remote and far-flung area of the state where people are facing great hardships on account of healthcare, education, road connectivity, power & drinking water facilities and said that the such areas should get special attention of the government to provide adequate basic facilities to the people in all spheres of life, but it is unfortunate that the present coalition government has neglected Bani area in every sphere of life and people are left on the mercy of God. He said that there is a vast tourism potential in Bani area which needs to be exploited fully to bring economic upliftment of the people of the area.”

PCC Chief said, “the poll promises of BJP and PDP have proved to be mere bluffs and people are fed up with the policies and sheer opportunism of two parties. Both the parties took the extreme positions on most of the emotional issues and exploited their respective constituencies to the hilt, with a false and deceptive promise to keep each other out of power, if voted in strength. The people could not see through their tactical game plan and gave BJP an unprecedented strength in Jammu while PDP gained on these slogans in Kashmir. What happened thereafter, when the two parties took a complete U-turn on their respective positions and promises to the people made during elections, as a result the people feel betrayed and cheated. The people want to teach both the parties, a lesson, for having taken their sentiments and emotions for a ride, in order to enter the corridors of power.”

Senior Vice President Sham Lal Sharma lashed out at the Union and state governments for its failure to fulfil even a single promise.

“The Congress party is emerging stronger in all areas of the state and it would vigorously expose the wrong policies of the PDP-BJP government, accused the two parties of hoodwinking the people during elections,” he said. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi spread falsehood about the Congress party and UPA but soon the people in different parts have felt that the elections slogans were coined as mere ‘Jumlas’ and the BJP government has failed to fulfil even a single promise. Instead of ‘Achhe Din’, people now want return of old days, as the prices of all essential commodities have been touching the record highest rates so far and government has utterly failed to provide the ration as per old scales to each family as per 2001 censes, while its misleading people of the state on the claim of providing ration as per 2011 censes.”


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