‘Resistance Movement Needs to be Kept on Track,’ Hurriyat (g) Leader



National Front Program on Shams Ul Haq 1

Slain Islamist leader turned militant, Gh Mohammad Mir alias Shams Ul Haq was remembered on his twenty third death anniversary on Wednesday by various resistance groups in Kashmir.

Scores of people and separatists activists today assembled at Mazar-e-Shohada, Eid Gah to remember the legendary Islamic Scholar and former Amir (Chief) of Hizbul Mujahideen.

On this occasion, senior Hurriyat Conference (g) leader and chairperson of National Front, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, termed Shams-ul-Haq as a “brave soldier of freedom and man with strong and clear ideology”.

He said, “the resistance movement has been nourished by highly educated people like Shaheed Shams-ul-Haq who had three Masters Degrees in his credit in three different subjects.” “We must renew our stand today that our great martyrs have already fixed the goals of the ongoing movement so there must be no confusion and the aim of our resistance is the complete freedom from India.”

Khan further added, “the goal of freedom can only be achieved by following Qur’an, Sunnat and the great life of our great Prophet (SAW) because we are fighting a cause based on the moral and ethical ideology.”

Amid slogans pro-freedom slogans Khan said, “our movement is actually a war between right and wrong, oppressed and oppressor, we must be very clear about these basics so that nobody could hijack our goal which has been fixed by our martyrs like Shaheed Shams-ul-Haq.”

Khan stressed upon people to stand for the “protection of the cause of martyrs” which is possible only by exhibiting steadfastness, a National Front statement said this evening.

National Front Program on Shams Ul Haq

“The resistance movement needs to be kept on track as New Delhi is continuously trying to derail the freedom struggle of Kashmiris. We are not against dialogue but dialogue for the sake of mere meetings and issuing mere statements cannot help in resolving the long standing Kashmir dispute,” Khan said adding, “the resolution process needs maturity, courage and truthfulness.”

Khan further said that Kashmir dispute can only be resolved by reaching out to its historical perspective. “Kashmir dispute can be settled only after New Delhi accepts its disputed nature,” he said, “this only can pave way for the resolution of a dispute to which the Kashmiri people are the principal party.”

Khan and other separatists activists remembered slain Abdul Qayoom and Khazir Mohammad Wani on their anniversaries who had were killed along with Shams-ul-Haq.

They paid tributes to Mohammad Yasin Cicken and Jamal Afghani on their anniversaries.


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