Praising ‘Terrorist’ Org Reflects Mufti’s Greed for Power: Geelani



Syed Ali Geelani
Syed Ali Geelani

Octogenarian Hurriyat chairperson, Syed Ali Geelani Tuesday termed the statement of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in which, Hurriyat (g) statement said, “he (Mufti Sayeed) showered lots of praises on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the communal and fascist organization RSS” as reflection of his “physical as well as mental slavery”.

“Mufti Sayeed and his party stands completely exposed before the general public,” Geelani said. “When the voices are being raised everywhere in the world, even within India against the intolerant and communal behaviour of Modi and his mother organization RSS, to the utter surprise of everyone Mufti Sayeed is tirelessly praising these fascist and fanatic forces.”

Commenting over the “trust” of Mufti Sayeed on Narendra Modi and RSS ideology, Geelani said, “this statement of Mufti Sayeed vindicates our apprehensions that with the help of so cooperative chief minister the RSS and BJP have got a best opportunity for implementation of their long pending communal agendas in Jammu & Kashmir on which they have already started to work.”

Commenting over the “Toofan ka aadmi” remarks of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the Hurriyat Chairperson said, “Modi Sahab is really a ‘Toofan’ who eliminated thousands of innocent people in Gujarat in minutes just for the crime that they were Muslims and have no regret of that crime against the humanity. Actually Mufti Sahab has no concerns with the miseries or life and death of the people, he is only interested in his chair and remuneration and for that purpose he can sacrifice anything so praising communal and fascist forces is nothing in front of him.”

Terming the RSS and its allied parties including its political wing BJP as “anti-people, anti-Islam and enemies of humanity”, Geelani added, “the people associated with the Sangh Parivar has never accepted the existence of the minorities especially Muslims in India that is why at the time of partition in 1947 these ill-minded people of RSS, BJP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena played a lead role in the massacre of lakhs of innocent Muslims. BJP led the demolishing of Babri Masjid and killed thousands of innocent people in that bloodshed. Who can forget the 2002 Gujarat episode which shook the collective conscience of the whole world and in which this ‘Toofan Ka Aadmi’ (Narandra Modi) used his state power especially police to eliminate the Muslim population from the state. It is this massacre which elevated Modi to the prime minister-ship chair otherwise he was nowhere in the list. It was his out-of-turn promotion which the anti-Muslim actions and sentiments awarded him.”

He said, “the character and ideology of RSS and BJP is not hidden from anybody, everybody knows that the communal hatred, anti-human and fanatic approach is the trademark and hallmark of these people and they openly express their anti-Muslim sentiments even in their Parliament. These people feel proud when anyone accuses them of killing lakhs of Muslims and the people from other minorities from the partition till date.”

“Praising a terrorist organization reflects the greed and hunger of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed towards the power and chair. The greed of power had closed the eyes of Mufti Sayeed that he could not see these facts that 600 anti-Muslim riots were reported in the 17 months rule of BJP government. He is unable to realize the pain of Dadri, Himachal and Udhampur like incidents in which the RSS backed terrorists and goons mercilessly killed the three innocent Muslim youths in a broad day light and then how the BJP MPs and ministers take no time in defending those shameful incidents. Mufti Sayeed can forget the massacre of Jammu Muslims but the Kashmiri people still feels the pain of 5 lakh innocent and unarmed human beings who were killed like cattle by the Bajrang Dal and RSS terrorists,” he further said.

Lashing out at all the pro-Indian political parties, the pro-freedom leader said, “it is their duty and compulsion to praise and cooperate with the ruling class of India otherwise they will lose both salary and the job for which they are being paid handsome incentives.”

Geelani appealed people to be “cautions and remain aware about the wicked designs of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his party PDP who are trying to implement the evil agendas of RSS and Sangh Parivar”.

Reiterating his call for “Million March” on 7th November Saturday at TRC ground Srinagar, Geelani said, “though the most pro-freedom leadership and activists are behind the bars so it is the responsibility of the youths of our nation to work for the success of the said program.”

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