Present Regime More Tyrannical Than Dogra: Geelani

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Stating that nothing has changed from Dogra to present rule Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday said that people in past had to shoulder the coffin of their parents and, as of now, have to mourn over the death of their children. He also said that Hurriyat will organize a seminar at Hyderpora to commemorate the July 13, 1931 martyrs.Geelani

“It was only a Hari Singh of Dogra dynasty then but now, every pro-Indian politician proves to be the same Hari Singh,” Geelani in a statement issued to Global News Service said, adding that these politicians extended their helping hand in perpetrating atrocities on people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Expressing satisfaction over observation of strike call Geelani said that mission of martyrs is still unfinished and people proved they still remember their mission and would never accept bargaining for their blood propounded by pro-Indian politicians.

While commenting over the tributes paid by pro-Indian politicians, Hurriyat Chairman said it is their hypocrisy and they have no moral right to celebrate their day or pay tributes to these martyrs. ”If at all, the conscience of Omar Abdullah, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and other pro-Indian politicians was alive, then they should surely feel ashamed to visit graveyard of martyrs because atrocities perpetrated by these persons is much more than that committed by Dogra regime in 1931.”

Syed Ali Geelani said these martyrs laid their lives for dignity and adoration of Holy Quran and against tyrant rule of Dogra regime.”However, the leadership proved to be unfaithful with the Quran, betrayed the nation and enslaved their brethren in worst type of slavery.”

The Chairman announced that Hurriyat Conference is organizing a seminar on July 15 at Hyderpora at 10.30 am in morning till 2.00 pm to commemorate the July 13, 1931 martyrs, “It is obligatory for us to complete the mission of martyrs of 1931 and so for we have offered sacrifices of millions of lives.”

Bargaining the sacrifices of these martyrs will not be allowed and Kashmiris would continue to fight for the cause till last force personnel leaves the State, Geelani added.


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