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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Friday said projection of public issues sound like ‘Laila Majnu Ki Kahani’ to the National Conference leadership and that explains why the state has become almost dysfunctional, disempowered and disturbed, whereas, the personal assets of the ruling elite have immeasurably grown in the last few decades.

Addressing a public meeting at Chokibal in Kupwara constituency, she said, “Dr Farooq Abdulla’s recent insinuation that the people of the state take money for votes is an ultimate insult to their (people’s) sense of discretion and integrity.”

“It also is a further proof of the fact, that NC leadership has turned everything into a commodity including the electoral process, where everything can be bought and sold in political bazaar that they have setup,” she added.

Mehbooba said what Dr Farooq Abdulah has  “arrogantly” described as ‘Laila Majnu drama’, is, actually, the story of “misery, disempowerment, corruption, mis-governance and atrocities” inflicted on the people of the state by his party throughout its post-independence history and more so, during the last five years.

“He ( Dr Farooq Abullah) is rattled by the fact that a party (the PDP) has emerged within the constitutional system, that is generalizing the problems of people  and the NC is feeling the heat of real electoral competition in which people, who have a clear choice to make,” she said.

The PDP president said NC has brought the state to a position where everything, from a state subject certificate to a transfer of a government employee, is on sale.

“Backdoor recruitments are made against huge amounts, forcing people to sell their small holdings to secure a job, whereas, the transparent system of recruitment that has been completely subverted,” Mehbooba alleged adding “Government contracts are sold or given to the ruling party agents and relatives of the politicians who are running a construction mafia across the state.”

Mehbooba said work on the genuine projects of public utility is suspended citing the lack of funds as a reason. “But the government agents in the construction business conceive and execute projects in league with government politicians for which funds are provided under the table.”

“Even at the treasuries, money has been converted into commodity bought and sold,” she said.


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