Terming the statement of J&K police chief in which he had said that “the protesters will face the music” as “frustration of the government”, All Parties Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday said that the governments have always “used barrel of gun and black laws to rule the people of Jammu & Kashmir”.

“The use of inhuman and lawless laws like the PSA and other anti-terror laws against the people of the state are not new to us but this process has been a norm of the successive governments in Kashmir from last half a century,” a Hurriyat (g) statement said this evening. “Despite the painful and long detentions, the pro-freedom leadership, activists, workers and the common people of this state has offered countless sacrifices of life, property and dignity for the ongoing freedom struggle.”

The statement said, “Indian rulers and their paid local agents have used every oppressive method to suppress the freedom sentiments of the Kashmiri nation but they every time failed in their evil designs and their oppression helped the sentiments of Kashmiris to grow stronger. The pro-Indian political parties should remember that the atrocities and oppression have failed to change the hearts and minds of the Kashmiri people and they should also remember this fact that all the pro-freedom leaders including Syed Ali Geelani, Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai, Shabir Ahmad Shah, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, Ayaz Akbar, Raja Mehraj-ud-din and many other leaders have spent half of their lives in incarceration.”

Hurriyat Conference (g) further said, “if the government is thinking that by imprisoning the Hurriyat leaders and activists in jails, the people will not protest against the atrocities and excesses of the police and occupational forces, then it is their complete ignorance.”

Terming the statement of DG police that “the people are instigated for protests” as ‘baseless and ridiculous’, the Hurriyat amalgam said, “the public protests are the spontaneous and natural reactions of the people against those excesses and cruelties of the government forces which they every now and then unleash upon the common people of Kashmir.”

Commenting over the police chief’s statement that “law will take its own course”, Hurriyat Conference Chairperson Syed Ali Geelani said, “whenever the Kashmiri people raise their peaceful voices against the atrocities and excesses of the occupational forces and the police, the black law immediately comes into action which punishes the victims and protects the culprits.”

Geelani said, “the people want to know that which book of law states that the political activists can be detained in police stations and interrogation centres for months together without any case and FIR and just in the name of preventive detention. Which law allows the imprisonment of political leaders in their houses for years without any legal justifications and that too without any written order? Which act, decree or statute bans the political person to perform his religious obligations? Is this the “law” which the DG police is talking about.”

Geelani said, “Hurriyat Conference was already aware of this plan of the police chief that they will ‘counsel’ the youth.

“Actually it is not any counselling but it is a plot in the name of counselling according to which the forces arrest youth and brainwash them and mislead them about the pro-freedom leadership. This is the old practice of the police which have never worked for them,” he said.

Geelani appealed people especially youths to remain cautious “in this regard”. “Whenever the occupational forces or the police kill any innocent in Kashmir, the government uses ‘investigation’ word to cover-up the event,” he said.

“The Indian occupational forces, CRPF, recently killed an innocent and unarmed student Gowhar Nazir Dar at HMT Zainakote in the broad day light and in front of the hundreds of people, the government again repeated their traditional pet word ‘probe’ but the people who are witness to that incident or who possess evidences about that are scared and fearing backlash from the authorities and the local CRPF camp,” he said.

“All Parties Hurriyat Conference represents the sentiments and wishes of the Kashmiri people and by using PSA like black laws against the leaders of this political organization, the India and its paid agents can’t succeed in suppressing the just and genuine struggle of the Kashmiri people for which the entire nation have paid countless sacrifices,” Geelani asserted.


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