Pulwama Killing: Departure Frames

Day after Bilal Ahmad Bhat fell to BSF bullets in Pulwama, the entire village of Malangpora Wednesday turned up to bid him last adieu. Amid mass mourning, Bilal Bahadur stepped inside the village to capture and narrate the nerve-jerking scenes triggered by another civilian killing in Kashmir


The moment I entered Malangpora, I saw the entire village shrunk in grief. For a while, it seemed as if I just walked inside the amphitheater of pain. I saw women crying their heart out for a village boy, Bilal Ahmad Bhat, who fell to BSF bullets Tuesday.


A few steps ahead, rage was rising. The youth of Malangpora were venting out their feelings by raising slogans. Amid rage, many had a reason to break down over the loss of their friend, neighbour, brother, mate…


At a stone’s throw from Bilal’s residence, his mother was talking to his flower-, almond- and candy-showered body. She had many questions for her son, but there was no answer.


Nearby this girl was letting out a stream from her eyes. Few bullets had brought the village on collective breakdown. For the day, Malangpora was the abode of agony.

Meanwhile, men were getting ready to give burial to Bhat, which wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. They had to overcome the charged emotions of women before taking out his funeral.


Before taking him out, one woman, probably Bilal’s close relative, gave him a final goodbye kiss with moist eyes.


And then they all stand in rows to offer prayers for his departed soul. It was apparently a sea of solidarity exhibited by the villagers for their slain son.


Behind the men were the women of Malangpora, sobbing while they pray.


Lifting Bilal’s funeral bed on their shoulders, the villagers then walked to lay him rest in peace.


Close-by, women were trying to comfort his mother by hugging her, again and again.


While the mother was hiding her emotions, others weren’t able to control them.


And then the rage returned.

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