Rasheed, Feasal Gave Birth To Peoples United Front

SRINAGAR: Engineer Rasheed and Dr Shah Feasal on Tuesday announced their alliance, the Peoples United Front (PUF). At a crowded news conference at Srinagar’s Aiwan-e-Suhafat, the two north Kashmir politicians insisted they are for people and not for rehabilitation. They said they will be tackling seriously and sincerely the issue of Kashmir and the issues of Kashmir.

Engineer Rasheed (AIP) and Dr Shah Feasal (JKPM) announce the setting up of JK Peoples United Front on June 18, 2019. KL Image

“Ours is an agenda of hope and we will not lead people down,” Engineer Rasheed said. “Right now, we feel really let down for the lack of credible leadership.”

Javed Mustafa Mir, a four-time lawmaker from Chadoora, made the announcement that parties – AIP of Engineer Rasheed and JKPM of DR Shah Feasal, have decided to enter into a pre-poll alliance in the backdrop of the prevailing situation and political uncertainty in the state. He said there are assaults on the special position of the state and there is a lack of credible political alternative and there is no political force that can give good governance and fill the political vacuum.

Mir said the PUF will engage all sections of the people across the state and will work on the agreed agenda. Mir will head the alliance’s 3-member coordination committee.

“For God’s sake, do not deprive the people of the state of their fundamental and political rights and conduct elections at the earliest,” Rasheed told the central government. “Do not give further excuses any more.”

Feasal said the Front is all inclusive and will provide justice and opportunities to all. He said the history will take note of the fact that when the state was fighting its existential battle, there were some people who avoided staying divided and joined hands together.

“We are not here for rehabilitation but both of us have sacrificed something to serve the people,” Rasheed said. “I was an engineer and I gave up the job to serve people and Shah Feasal was IAS topper who resigned after 10 years to serve the people.”

Feasal said the Front is just the beginning of the start. Rasheed said the people must stay assured that PUF will form the next government. “We have come to serve people after sacrificing something.” Rasheed insisted. “I assure people we will give them corruption and nepotism free government which is credible that will do everything for a political resolution of Kashmir and the talks with Pakistan.”

Feasal said PUF will retain whatever constitutional exclusivity is with the state and will fight for whatever has been taken away. He termed attacks on 35A as political assault and said these will be responded politically and democratically. “It is just a sincere start,” Feasal said. “We will put a serious and sincere struggle because we have given our sacrifice to be here and we have conviction in what we say.”

Raseed said the PUF will make efforts to unite people and not divide them. He said they had already made some effort earlier. He talked about two slogans. “Jammu Kashmir Ki Mujboori Hai – PUF Zaroori Hai.” The other was: “Takht Badal Dou, Taj Badl Dou – Beaimanoun Ka Raaj Badal Dou.”


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