Rasheed lashes out at Farooq, Asks him to Tender Apology to Pakistan



KL Images by Bilal Bahadur
KL Images by Bilal Bahadur

Awami Ittehad Party chief and MLA Langate Er Rashid while reacting to NC Patron Dr Farooq’s recent statement that Kashmiri’s love for Pakistan cannot be changed by giving them packages, has said that Dr Farooq has said nothing new but confessed the fact what he has been denying all these decades.

In a statement issued here, Er Rashid urged Dr Farooq Abdullah to stick to his stand and not change colors like his late father.

Er Rashid said, “No doubt Farooq Abdullah has made a million dollar admission and that is why India has been running away from agreeing to hold plebiscite. It is love for Pakistan among hearts of Kashmiris that on one side GoI is claiming victory after every election by claiming that huge percentage of voters have owned India but in the next breath denying plebiscite, knowing what verdict will Kashmiris give if they are given Right to Self Determination”.

However, Er Rashid reminded Farooq Abdullah that it was he and his party who had demanded bombing on Pakistan on numerous occasions. “At least what NC or Farooq Abdullah should do, is to seek unconditional apology for speaking rubbish against Pakistan all these years and diluting a very simple issue by seeking autonomy.”

Er Rashid suggested Farooq Abdullah not to stress for restoration of autonomy as now Farooq Abdullah has himself confessed what Kashmiris want.


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