Regulation of Private Tuition Centers in the State

Government of Jammu and Kashmir

Civil Secretariat; Education Department

Subject:-  Regulation of Private Tuition Centers in the State

Reference:-  Law Department U.No. LD (SL) 2006/04 dated 16.4.2010

Government Order No:- 435-Edu of 2010

Dated:- 30-04-2010

Sanction is hereby accorded to the following rules framed to regulate the functioning /performance of Private Tuition Centers in the State of Jammu and Kashmir:-

  1. Short Title and Commencement:- (1) These rules may be called the Jammu and Kashmir Regulation of Private Tuition Centre Rules, 2010.

(2) They shall extend to whole of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Definitions: In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a)    “Competent Authority” means any officer not below the rank of Director School Education appointed by the Government for carrying out the purpose of various provisions of these rules.

(b)   “Education Agency” means an individual, society trust or body of persons registered with the competent authority and permitted to establish, run or maintain a private tuition centre under these rules.

(c)    “Government” means the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

(d)   “Monitoring Committee” means a committee comprising of officers nominated by the Government or the competent authority to monitor the performance of the registered Private Tuition Centre/s.

(e)    “Tuition” means imparting of education, coaching or teaching in any manner to the students of any level at place other than Government or Private Schools.

  1. Establishment of Private Tuition Centers:- No Educational Agency shall establish/run a private tuition centre without the prior permission of the Government or the Competent Authority. The permission shall be based on the registration / renewal of registration against a fee notified by the Government. The renewal of registration shall be granted only on the basis of good performance of a Private Tuition centre in the preceding year to be certified by the Monitoring Committee. The permission shall be restricted for private tuition in two shifts only i.e; one shift half an hour before the working hours of schools and other shift half an hour after the working hours of schools. The Government shall notify a list of registered Private Tuition Centers evey year in the month of October in respect of winter zone and in the month of March in respect of summer zone.
  2. Regulation of Fee etc. by a Private Tuition Centre:-

Every Private Tuition Centre shall:

(a)    maintain an admission register indicating detailed particulars of the candidates.

(b)   maintain a proper record of tuition fees in proper accounting books.

(c)    Notify and display monthly tuition fee charged from students subject-wise and class-wise/ course-wise 15 days before the start of such tuition/course.

(d)   Notify and display detailed particulars of its faculty members, including their qualifications and experience well in advance; and

(e)    Reserve fee admission upto 10% of the total intake in each Class/ Course for the students who happen to be destitute, orphans or being to the families living Below Poverty Line.

5. Infrastructure and facilities:- Every Private Tuition Centre seeking registration or renewal of registration shall be required to have adequate infrastructure facilities, including the following:

(a)   Physical facilities. Every Private Tuition shall have to:-

(i)                 be located in a noise free area;

(ii)               provide a minimum covered area/ space of 9 Sqt per candidate in the tuition;

(iii)             Keep a separate waiting room, separate toilet and separate drinking water facilities for female candidates in the tuition;

(iv)             provide electricity and comfortable seating arrangement to the candidates in tuition and

(v)               keep adequate heating or cooling arrangements in every classroom and waiting room in the tuition according to weather conditions.

(b)   Teaching Staff. Every Private Tuition centre shall have a tutor who shall be atleast:-

(i)                 graduate or a trained graduate for imparting tuition to primary and upper primary classes;

(ii)               trained graduate for imparting tuition to the Secondary classes (upto 10th Standard);

(iii)             post-graduate in the relevant subject/s for imparting tuition to the Senior Secondary (Higher Secondary) classes.


By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.



Secretary to Government

Education Department

No. Edu/R/11/2010

Dated: 30-04-2010



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