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Ayatullah Syed Mohammad Shah
Ayatullah Syed Mohammad Shah

The first Imam Jumma of Kargil, Ayatullah Syed Mohammad Shah Mossavi Mir Waiz Saliskote and Ex Sharai Qazi Anjuman-e-Jaiyat Ullama Huza-e-Ilmiya Asna Ashriya (Islamia School Kargil) expired last night at his resident at Saliskote. He was 93.

Thousands of people participated in the Nimaze Janaza of Mossavi at Saliskote.

Ayatollah Syed Mohammad Shah Mossavi was born in 191. He left Kargil for Hozia Illmiya Najaf in Iraq for Islamic Studies and remained as the student of Ayatollah Syed Mohsin Hakimi, one of the greatest Scholars of Islam and after completing his studies returned Kargil and joined Islamia School Kargil as Preacher.

He was the First Imam Jumma of Kargil in the times of Late Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Mohammad Mufid as President of Islamia School Kargil and after many years he was appointed as Qazi Sharah of Kargil at Islamia School Kargil.


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