SARFAESI: Bar constitutes a committee

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High Court Bar Association has set up a committee to examine SARFAESI Act in detail and suggest future course of action, a statement issued by the Bar said, after a detailed special meeting on the issue.

The meeting discussed the judgement delivered by the Supreme Court of India on December 16, 2016. “Various aspects of the judgement were looked at,” the spokesman said. “Having regard to the likely implications of the judgement on the sovereign status of the State and its impact, it was felt by the members present that a committee of senior members of the Bar Association be constituted, to examine the matter in detail and to suggest future course of action, if so warranted.”

The Bar also felt that in view of present legal position, issues, which are in essence political in nature, should be left out to be decided by the people in a democratic manner rather than by the Courts.

The Bar Association has also urged public thinkers, intellectuals, political workers, etc. to express their views in the context of freedom struggle, with reference to the aforesaid judgment so as to make the people aware of its implications.

The members also expressed their concern to an unhealthy, politically motivated, growing trend, evident during last couple of years, indicating that the issue concerning the sovereignty of Kashmir, are now being pushed into the Courts for adjudication, a trend that needs to be defeated by the people.

Bar has supported the strike call given by the Joint Resistance Camp for Friday, against the grant of domicile certificates to Pakistani refugees so as to send a clear message to those who are fiddling with the sovereign status of the State that such attempts will be foiled, at all costs.


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