Separatists Ridicules Omar’s Irish, Scotland Statement

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Separatist leadership Tuesday ridiculed Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s statement suggesting that Irish model and Scotland devolution can be an inspiration for future settlement of Kashmir issue.

Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani told KNS that any solution other than right to self determination is unacceptable to Kashmiris. “No solution which aims at status quo will be acceptable to people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Geelani said that Prime Minister Jawahir Lal Nehru the then Prime Minister of India along with Sheikh Abdullah had promised on November 12, 1952 Kashmiris that any solution to the Kashmir issue will be based on political aspirations of kashmiris.

He said there are 18 resolutions passed by United Nations on Kashmir issue which stand testimony to the fact that Kashmir issue cannot be solved through any other solution other than the right to self determination.

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik today said the political mainstream of the state should not say what is beyond their defined mandate.

“The state assembly is fragmented. Some say Self Rule, some say Autonomy and now someone says Irish and Scotland models. This is again an effort to dilute   the Kashmir issue and the statement has been given to give an impression to West that Kashmiri are a fragmented lot,” Malik told Kashmir News Service.

He said the political mainstream of Jammu and Kashmir has exhibited its powers sofar in failing to get Armed Forces Special Powers revoked. “The state Assembly couldn’t save Afzal Guru from gallows while as killers of Rajiv Gandhi were saved by their respective states.  The members of this Assembly should not trespass their mandate by making big slogans which are beyond their jurisdiction,” he added.

Shabir Shah, president Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) has expressed strong resentment over Omar’s statement saying that the chief minister is unaware of the reality of history and geography of Jammu and Kashmir.

Shah said that Kashmir had never been a part of India nor even geographically. Expressing wonder over Omar’s ‘lack of knowledge and issuing statements in air’, Shah urged the chief minister to go through the physical map of united India and analyze Jammu and Kashmir well by reading its history so that he may not fall to such misconception that J&K is a natural part of India and that it will not gain freedom.

Shah said Kashmiris never accepted slavery but every time or own nation-sellers and traitors made us so by collaborating with occupiers. History is evident that our own people paved way for Mughals to invade. Pathans, Sikhs and Dogras were also invited by Kashmiris. Those who invited Indians were also our own Kashmiris. Shah made it clear that now Kashmiris will never fall to the deceit of any nation-seller leader. More than five lakh people have sacrificed their lives for freedom. He said if India can achieve freedom from British, Vietnam can achieve freedom from America, Russia and US can be expelled from Afghanistan, why can’t India be expelled from Kashmir.

Shah said the new generation of Kashmir has waken up from centuries old deep slumber. Omar Abdullah can’t make them sleep again at any cost. He said we will continue our struggle till Indian forcible occupation ends in Kashmir. Terming Omar’s statement as open proof of “slavery mindedness”.

Asiya Andrabi, chief of Dukhtarn-e-Millat (DeM) straightway rejected Omar’s statement saying that the chief minister wants to play to galleries for the coming assembly elections. “Omar stands nowhere on ground and want to give people a perception that he has a role in Kashmir issue. But let make him clear that Kashmir could not be solved by his grandfather not to speak of him. Omar has no role in Kashmir issue and better he should understand this reality,”


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