Shabir Shah To Tour North Kashmir Areas From July 22

KL Report


Democratic Freedom Party chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah will start ‘Tehreek-e-Doura’ of North Kashmir from July 22 and will address Shimla conference on July 7.

Shah has been invited by Punjab Sikh Students Federation to participate in the Shimla conference that is to be held at Shimla on July 5, 6 and 7, the party said in a press statement.

“President Punjab Sikh Students Federation, Paramjeet Singh called Freedom party chairman at the freedom house and invited him to participate in the said conference,” it added.

The conference will have different sessions in which religious, political and social aspects will be discussed. On July 7, a discussion will be held on human rights in which Shah will throw light on the human rights violation taking place in Punjab and Kashmir so that human rights groups in the world will come to know the true picture.

Shah will also address his party members during the Tehreeek-i-Doura of North Kashmir starting from July 22.


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