Sheikh-ul-Alam showed us path of Tawheed, Godliness, says Malik


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairperson Muhammad Yasin Malik on Tuesday said that Sheikh Ul Aalam Noor-Ud-Din-Noorani showed us the path of Tawheed and Godliness. “If we adhere to these teachings, success in this life and here-after is guaranteed.”

Malik while addressing a gathering at Khankah Chrar-I-Shaheef today.

Malik said that Kashmir has been an abode of spirituality and spiritual saints like Sheikh Noor-ud -din Noorani (RA) have led us on every front of life be it social life, political life or economic life.

He said that Shiekh Ul Aalam who is also known as Alamdar-I-Kashmir (Flag bearer of Kashmir) through his spiritual poetry and works, showed us the way of Tawheed, Godliness and other virtues. “He asked us to be brave, resilient, passionate and God-fearing and above all upright, in our lives. He is known as flag bearer of Kashmir which actually indicates to our freedom and liberty.”


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