Soz Defends Mir, Says He Should Be Given Chance To Prove Not Guilty

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Jammu and Kashmir Congress President Prof Saif ud din Soz Saturday said that Agriculture Minster Ghulam Hassan Mir should be given chance to defend himself against the allegation of having tried to bring down the Omar Abdullah government by taking money from the Army.

Soz said the allegations were still not verified as they have appeared only in a news paper yet, which can’t be taken as complete evidence to hold a person guilty. He however added that if Mir fails to defend himself, congress will take a decision. Regarding former Army Chief Gen VK Singh, Soz said that the General has been in the controversies even when he was in the active service.

“I have read Indian Express. In the pretext of that story, the allegations are serious, but then the GOI has to go deep into it and only then we would be able to take a stand on it,” Soz told reporters in a press conference at Srinagar. He said that Gh. Hassan Mir who is in the cabinet on Congress ticket has denied the charges and he should be given time and chance to prove his stand.

“You must give importance to Mir’s statement also. Let him prove that the allegations are wrong,” Soz said in reply to a question. He however stressed that Mir should come forward to clear the air.

“Let we wait how the things unfold,” Soz said in reply to another question.

When asked if Congress top brass would ask Mir to step down from the cabinet, Soz said, “ he is only accused, let we give him chance to defend himself, failing which we would take a decision at party level,” said JKPCC Chief, adding that on mere news paper report he can’t be held guilty.

When asked about the remarks made by National Conference Additional Secretary Dr. Mustafa Kamal against him, Prof. Soz said that Kamal’s statement has always been useless and ridiculous.

“I am representing Kashmir’s in the parliament and don’t believe in compromising their wishes and aspirations,” Soz said.

Soz also said that former Army Chief has always been caught in controversies and it seems he has a close association with the controversies.

“When he was in service, there were controversies looming around him, and now when he is in politics, controversies still chase him,” said Soz.


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