All women separatist organization Dukhtaran-e-Millat Monday reiterated the “pledge to carry forward the struggle for freedom from India and amalgamation with Pakistan on the basis of Islam on every front”.

During the meeting glowing tributes were paid to late Maqbool Bhat, late Muhammad Afzal Guru and all the other “martyrs” of on-going struggle. “It was pledged that Dukhtaran-e-Millat will not desist from any sacrifices what so ever great in taking the mission of the martyrs to its logical conclusion, this being the real tribute to the martyrs,” a statement issued by the amalgam after it held a meeting in Srinagar said this evening.

“The gift shop owners, restaurant owners and those at the helm in different gardens and parks were appealed to desist from any kind of celebrations on 14th February Valentine’s day,” the statement said, “last year, no celebrations took place on the day and the trend needs to be continued. Shopping malls and marts have been asked not to sell any gifts relating to the day. We request our youth not to fall prey to these western trends. Malicious celebrations are being forced onto us so that we are taken away from Islam. Kids should understand that Valentine is an immoral vulgar man who preached that kind of so called love which was actually a lust and has been prohibited and is totally Haram in Shariah as directed by Allah SWT in Qur’an.  Therefore we should not fall prey to this immorality and prove that the love for Allah and His Beloved Prophet (SAW) is supreme for us. We are Muslims and we should save our culture from these Immoralities. We once again request our business fraternity to desist from any activities relating to Valentine day celebrations.”


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