Talking peace, stability, progress without settling Kashmir Dispute is daydreaming: Malik

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Talking peace, stability, progress and prosperity of subcontinent without solving Jammu Kashmir is like daydreaming. Jammu Kashmir is a human problem and issue related to millions of humans and should be resolved in accordance with the human and civilized attitude,” this was stated by the chairman of JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while addressing a mammoth gathering at Watergam Rafiabad Sunday.

“Yasin  sahib offered Zuhar Nimaz at Berhrampora after which he was taken to watergam that is some kilometers from Behrampora in company of an enthusiastic rally. At Watergam people in large numbers greeted this freedom rally and turned into a public Jalsa .After the recitation of holy Quran, the Jalsa was addressed by many JKLF leaders.”

While speaking to the people JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik thanked them for the welcome and gesture. Yasin Malik said that the women, youth, elders and children in large numbers and with unprecedented enthusiasm show their love for freedom movement. Yasin said that anybody who thinks that kashmiri’s have given up or are not with freedom cause should come here and see the Enthusiasm and passion of people here.

Malik said that these people are not here for any benefits, temptations, Incentives or financial advantages but only for the just cause of freedom and world sooner or later will have to respect this passion of the people of Jammu Kashmir.

He further  said that the people of Jammu Kashmir are striving peacefully for their birth right. “These people are the Heirs of the sacred blood of their martyrs. These people have sacrificed and are still sacrificing their lives and wealth etc for this just cause,” he said.

“We continued walking on this path despite brutal force, torture, oppression and suppression from India. What is more agonizing is the criminal silence of the international community who are watching this oppression on peaceful struggle of kashmiris, added Yasin. He said that kashmiris after the historical transition were thinking of world supporting their positive steps but instead of being support ed and welcomed kashmiris found themselves being left alone to bear the inhuman and violent attitude of Indian forces.”

Yasin said that on one side is the plight of non violent struggle of kashmiri’s, their youth being pushed to wall and they being humiliated and on the other side id the Withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan. We are today witnessing USA and NATO talking to Talibaan. Yasin said that this attitude of respecting violent movement and humiliating non violent one is surely an act of glamorizing violence and when peaceful political space will be kept choked in Jammu Kashmir, this glamour can push youth to new Revolution.

“Yasin Malik said that the people who dream of peace, prosperity, welfare and stability without resolution of Jammu Kashmir are living in fool’s paradise. Kashmir remains a threat to all these good things and as long as it is kept unresolved the peace and stability of subcontinent and the whole world will remain in jeopardy.”

Yasin said that for resolving this long pending dispute India, Pakistan and the international community must accept the owner and prime party status of people of Jammu Kashmir and take positive and constructive steps to resolve this dispute in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Jammu Kashmir.

“ Yasin Malik said that this assembly and its members are actually the worst enemies of Kashmir and Kashmiri’s. It is this assembly and its members who safeguard the interests of India and its forces in Kashmir. This is the assembly and its members who pass laws that are against kashmiris. This is the assembly and its members who are hell bent to malign the peaceful struggle of kashmiris.”




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