Tasaduq Mufti Wants South Kashmir Poll postponed

SRINAGAR: Ruling party candidate Tasaduq Mufti wants the Election Commission to postpone the Lok Sabha polls slated for Wednesday. He said he would withdraw if his withdrawal helps postponing the poll.

Speaking at a well attending news conference at the official residence of Chief Minister, Tasaduq said his party has sent a communication to the Election Commission of India seeking postponement of the election.

The communication was sent after eight civilians were killed ad more than 100 injured across Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency on Sunday.

“The situation is not conducive for polls,” Tasaduq insisted in his press conference. “You can not force people to vote and you can not force people not to vote.” Democracy, he said, should not lead to the killing of people. At the start of his brief press conference, Mufti condoled the killings that took place on Sunday.

The state can always make an appeal to the ECI to postpone the poll. He said the government should always be pre-emptive. He said he shares the perception that South Kashmir will follow central Kashmir events.

An ace cinematographer, Tasaduq joined politics quite recently. He is the only son of Mufti Sayeed and is brother of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti.


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